How often you have turned face-open to the sun

only to hang heavy-headed

at the end of day,

seed-full and ready for reaping.


“Take Off”

Blame it on the state of things, but we haven’t been on a holiday in 12 years. Hell, I haven’t been on an airplane in 10, and he finds no problem in remaining here while I watch his waist gain ground across the couch frame.

“We can see the world right here, hun. We got cable and internet for days.”

I spend more time in the garden, relaying pails of dirt and water to cover seeds and watch them grow. As they raise up, I know that birds, breeze, even rain will scatter the blooms—helping them travel more than I ever will. I didn’t know I could envy a plant that depends on me to even exist, but there you have it.

As for him, he may or not move any time soon—but come fall, I’ll uproot and find some new ground.


Well, a new month has rolled around and with the coming of May comes Short Story Month. Amazingly I have actually written something both today and yesterday. I’m sharing today because it’s short, and kind of surprising in how I managed to take 12 “fourth grade spelling list words” and turn it into a story comprising multiple themes that I had floating in my thesis. It’s not astounding literature by any means, but I did pat my back on a couple of creative problem solving to get a couple of those words in.

Here’s the list if you want to write your own:

  • blame
  • state
  • frame
  • holiday
  • relay
  • waist
  • pail
  • gain
  • raise
  • mayor
  • airplane
  • remain

And here is the website if you want to do your own challenge: Storyaday

Baggage (100 Word)

We are not yet ready to share a suitcase.

I pack too many shirts, and you too much underwear.

You cannot part with your 24 oz  doubt, and that leaves no room for my travel size anxiety.

We can organize, re stack and re fold, but TSA will not allow our combined fear in one bag.

So for now, you’ll check one bag, and I’ll check two : the third for misplaced apprehension and imagined scenarios. We’ll each keep a bag apart as we travel, for our secret and reoccurring pasts.



*From the prompt: “(Add 3+2 – me and you)”

It is done

I know I haven’t posted anything in quite a few months, but I must admit it is for a very good reason.

I have been working feverishly and trying to stay extremely positive (with great effort, I will admit) towards finishing up my thesis and my MFA.


I am elated to say, though, that last Monday I defended my thesis for an hour and a half and somehow it was passed. And today, after getting all of my signatures and making edits, I submitted my thesis Stranger Things Have Happened: A Collection for binding and submission to the university. So, I guess I’m officially done!

My director is pushing me to start submitting things, but I think she will also forgive me if I let the pages sit for a little bit before going back to them. After all, I have to start looking for income now!

I thought maybe I wanted to spend a moment in reflection about the MFA and the process, but I don’t want to color it rosy and act like it was a wonderful experience, because it really wasn’t–and for many different reasons. However, I am thankful for some of the things I had the chance to do, and for some of the people I would have never met or had the guts to meet if I hadn’t enrolled in the program. And especially because of the writing that I may never have written if I hadn’t been forced to because of a due date.

But of course, there is still much to do, so wander off now I probably will.


I hope to resume the 100 words pieces if not weekly, bi-monthly as well as some sporadic musings and sketches.

Hoping that whomever this reaches is having a happy holiday, and that they meet the new year with bright eyes and kind hearts.



May Updates

For anyone who follows this blog, you will notice I sort of tapered off after day 22 of the PAD. For that I apologise. I actually did write poems for most of the days between 23 and 30, but I also got a little burned out and lost my motivation for the writing. I think that is probably the drawback of a month long challenge. Especially knowing that I wanted to do the May challenge as well. Originally, I thought April would be my warm up for some (hopefully) beneficial May writing towards my thesis. Well, I’m 6 days in and I haven’t physically or electronically written anything–which I think could have been implied by the burn out. That doesn’t mean my mind hasn’t been thinking, and writing. It’s weak flickers so far, but hopefully I’ll be fanning the fire soon and back in full swing. 

In the meantime, I had a fun month of travelling, experiencing and seeing all sorts of things, and of course dealing with your run of the mill anxiety and break down. No worries though, I’m pushing through to the next bright morning (look at me with all of these metaphors). Step one was writing this post for the couple of you who are sticking with me through these silly, sometimes profound writing moments and all of the inbetweens.

The second step is uploading the poems I wrote for the missing days in April over the next couple of days. I’m missing in all 5 days from the 30 day challenge, and I feel like that is pretty exceptional and I can’t be mad at myself for it.  

The third step is to try getting on paper a few of the May prompts and hopefully uploading some samples or maybe thoughts about those prompts as the weeks go on. I will still be posting my weekly 100 words, so keep an eye out for this week’s “Leaving” story. 

In the meantime, I hope everyone is doing fabulous, and if you are having trouble, just keep looking for the small happy moments–It’s those that get me through the day! Or just laughing at the ill-luck, because most of it is pretty ridiculous and inevitable. 

Until next post!



PAD 2 — Look to the Skies

For today’s Poetry Month prompt, NAPOWRIMO suggested we look to the skies. So I tried to mix in a little bit of travel writing with it. Hopefully it turned out. 


I couldn’t find Orion’s belt when I sat on the beach of South Water Caye.

Instead we slid our toes into sand and looked below for the barracuda and starfish.

We glided only feet above the coral reef and the diverse life that thrived there.

I looked up as we left the island to see an eagle ray leaping in our wake.

I couldn’t see Orion’s belt through the branches of leafy trees

or through the hard rain that fell in the jungle near San Ignacio.

Our eyes darted from ground to bushes, and up tree trunks into the canopy.

Each time they were distracted by patterned insects and vibrant orchids. 

The hoarse heart-groan of howler monkeys in the distance, made us jump

as the five pm sunset settled into the damp earth.

Orion’s belt still was absent when we sat atop a temple at Xunantunich,

imagining the distant bustle of Mayans in the once paved squares.

A multitude of knowledge all but lost in secrecy and overgrowth.

They would have been lighting fires now, perhaps to ward off the jaguars,

to cook, or maybe to gather around to tell their own myths–

explanations for how the world works. Did they ever discuss the Hunter?

I could not see Orion’s belt that May.

In a land where industrial lights were minimal

and the opportunity to observe without technology but with my own senses was the goal.

I wondered if the Archer had stayed home while I, for once, found adventure.

100 Word Story — “Doctrine”

Currently having a dilemma over what constitutes a story, and how far a statement can go in nuance, buuuut I took a stab at it anyway. (Also today, my thoughts are Latin America centric as you’ll see in my PAD 2 post as well)

“Monroe Doctrine”

This document hereby declares that further intervention with Jo for Charlie’s benefit is forbidden. Should Charlie impose himself on her for his own gain, then Carla is heretofore allowed to act on behalf of Jo’s rights for independence from imperialism and general assholery.

Addendum I: Should Jo experience a situation where other men or women attempt to gain control over her, Carla is duty bound to protect, like a big sister, and dispell any threats to Jo’s previous mentioned rights.

Addendum II: Should Carla deem that Jo is posing a threat to her own rights and attempting to break free from the protection of Carla, then Carla must also intervene. For Jo’s own good.