“Take Off”

Blame it on the state of things, but we haven’t been on a holiday in 12 years. Hell, I haven’t been on an airplane in 10, and he finds no problem in remaining here while I watch his waist gain ground across the couch frame.

“We can see the world right here, hun. We got cable and internet for days.”

I spend more time in the garden, relaying pails of dirt and water to cover seeds and watch them grow. As they raise up, I know that birds, breeze, even rain will scatter the blooms—helping them travel more than I ever will. I didn’t know I could envy a plant that depends on me to even exist, but there you have it.

As for him, he may or not move any time soon—but come fall, I’ll uproot and find some new ground.


Well, a new month has rolled around and with the coming of May comes Short Story Month. Amazingly I have actually written something both today and yesterday. I’m sharing today because it’s short, and kind of surprising in how I managed to take 12 “fourth grade spelling list words” and turn it into a story comprising multiple themes that I had floating in my thesis. It’s not astounding literature by any means, but I did pat my back on a couple of creative problem solving to get a couple of those words in.

Here’s the list if you want to write your own:

  • blame
  • state
  • frame
  • holiday
  • relay
  • waist
  • pail
  • gain
  • raise
  • mayor
  • airplane
  • remain

And here is the website if you want to do your own challenge: Storyaday


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