PAD 20 — Facts

NaPoWriMo’s prompt of the day is to write a fact poem. I think I could have made a epic-length poem about elephant facts instead I got waylaid by thinking of all of the facts we once knew for truth, all of the stories we had created to explain them, etc etc. I think this poem, at present is skeletal, half-formed, much like my understanding of the world. The subject matter requires a more verbose structure, but this is perhaps some seeds to plant within your mind until I can come back and really philosopher attack this.


The sun revolved around the world,

when it floated on a turtle’s back.

The gods resembled men,

or was it the other way around?

Everyone made bread, tools, fire.

And we all told stories.

Each sunrise was something like a miracle

while nightfall played mysterious.

With all our discoveries and growth,

with all our rationale and facts,

each sunrise is still a miracle.

Nightfall is still a glorious mystery.


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