PAD 17 — Social Media Poem

NaPoWriMo’s Day 17 is all about that social media. It was pretty loose in prompt, so I ended up writing a couple of twitter based haikus. The first was an experiment where I took the first word out of consecutive tweets on my feed (omitting some articles and the like) to make it. It’s abstract, and because it isn’t completely sculpted by me, you are allowed to read whatever the hell you want out of it. The second haiku, I took the first five syllables from some publishing tweet, the first 7 syllables from a Neil Gaiman tweet if you can believe it, the first two syllables from an NPR tweet and then the last three came from the first part of a Henry Tudor tweet. These were also consecutively placed (skipping a couple tweets) on my twitter feed. So, that was fun. Enjoy! Make better ones!

“Scraps of  Friday”

Wine-fall on Friday
Supports an odd harmony.
You are poetry.

“Friday Twitters”

23 reasons
and a groupon for tonight.
Update: Eating cake.


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