PAD 15 — Addressing the Poem

NaPoWriMo, for the halfway mark into the month challenge, gives the prompt of addressing the poem, or an aspect of it within the poem. As with any prompt, you take it where you want it, and it more or less mentioned the aspect of writing process, and all that fun stuff, so I just kind of ran stream of consciousness into this little number:

“This is Why I Write”

Thrill seekers, these lines
Search for puzzles and riddles.
To learn, to grow by stretching
in words, in pages, image and senses.

To understand we scribble in
lines, on books, napkins, walls.
Sometimes achieving
more often questioning—are you out there?

The connections we miss,
reworking, ordering, asking,
pulling out hair, crying
often alone; in our rooms, on park benches.

The dreaded coffee shop
where life teems.
What clichés!
Avoid the conventional, shun unoriginality.

Make up words.
Assume authority, but admit you know nothing—yet.
Hope, that this isn’t the answer.
Fear that you have written it all.

We don’t know why we do it.
These explanations are just characters.
It is our compulsion—
a duty that no one has appointed.

This is why I write.


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