PAD 14 — Dialogue

This needs more work. I need more work. I might be hitting the midway slump, and I’ll be muddling over this topic for a while, but NaPoWrimo called for a dialogue in poem form today. I took from a prompt at a panel I went to last week that asked for a letter written to fear from empathy. I combined them and this sort of happened. It is proving difficult, mostly because I am trying to capture the voices I assume both of these attributes would have. But, a rough has been presented all the same:

“Fear and Empathy”

I helped her survive!
We weighed options; reasoned.
Pros and conned our way
out of situations that cause harm.

Yes, this is true.
You have even helped her
save others from pain.
But you have kept her from experiences as well.

Just ask her.
She doesn’t regret it.
If anything she wishes that
She held back more.

She has made herself believe that,
and you know it—
You two struggle daily
She wants power over you.

Well, she can’t do it alone.

But she is trying.


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