PAD 13 — Riddle Poem

Honestly, I didn’t really adhere to NaPoWriMo’s prompt today. The idea was to write about something without ever explicitly mentioning what it is. So in that sense, I did do it, but in another sense, this went into left field. Regardless, I mentioned a few posts back that planes and travel/movement was a real theme while I was writing these, so this one doesn’t disappoint. I think I could add more onto this poem, but I also struggled with the issue of pushing the point too far. So this is a result–to be returned to at a later date.


Metal bird, how you grow and change.
Rainbow plumes, you are not so endangered
as the Macaws of Belize.
They do not travel beyond their borders,
for fear of poaching, kidnapping, loss of habitat.
They dwindle, grieve.

You nest in cities, feed on fossil fuel and carry us within your metal chest.
So long as humans wander, you will thrive.


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