PAD 10 — Abecedarian

Today was an abecedarian day which basically just means we all get to review the alphabet and figure out if we can make any sense out of works that go in that order. I don’t have much preface for this, it is abstract as get all. I did write a mini story once where each sentence because with the next letter of the alphabet. That one made a little more sense, because I had more freedom, but I decided to limit myself and see what I got. It ain’t bad, but it ain’t great. Here’s to the joy of writing!


Already behind the curtain
directly even with the floor,
growling–husky– inbetween jabs.

Kick limply, my namesake.
Overlapping panting.
Quiet the raging.
Soften your talk.

Underneath veins,
we are yelling.


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