100 Word Story — Sinners

Ok, I have a backlog of poems to post, but I have finally put my feet on solid ground for the first time in 11 days. So they will all be put up tonight! But first, I wanted to share my piece for the weekly 100 word. I have mixed feelings at present about it, I think all of the movement I have been doing this past week has inserted itself into what I have been writing, and not always in the most cohesive way. At any rate, here it is:

“Even as We Breathe”

I sigh, staring up at the figures behind glass. My breath fogs, and I wipe a word into the cloud. “Paradise.”
Not at this rate. Not while I wallow in this museum, touring their mistakes—reflecting on mine.

The bus brought me here.
But the plane will take me away—
Skidding to the ground.

I’ll hold my breath, waiting.
When the wheels touch tarmac, I will exhale.

Perhaps you will find me behind glass. You will see your mistakes written on my placard. You will fill your lungs and sigh.

I hope you, too, will exhale.
And be delivered.


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