PAD 8 — Palinode (Retraction Poem)

NaPoWriMo’s day 8 calls for a palinode, or a poem that retracts a statement from a previous poem. I kind of took my own spin on it. Focusing has been difficult these past few days, so hopefully it is cohesive enough. I worry about it sounding plain, but that may be all I can truly muster at this point in time. Either way it revisits an episode that I haven’t been able to process in words, so I guess this is cathartic as much as writing for a prompt today.

“Sincerely, January”

I no longer look forward to meeting you,
the man who feigned sincerity–
so genuinely.

I still can’t help but wonder, though
How much was a lie?
Only because I can never know.

You, who are now a ghost,
afraid of your own presence
becoming permanent.

I won’t take back the lessons, though.
Not just of caution,
but also, simultaneously, discovering how to open up again

(in spite of you–of them.)

Someone else will benefit from your retraction.
Your fear will be their courage.
Your face, replaced by another, more beautiful glow.


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