PAD 7 — Mo’ Money

NaPoWriMo’s Poem a Day suggests a poem about money today. I think this probably explains it all. It’s also rough, but the effort, again, is my main drive. Especially this week because AWP is going to take up most of my time. Hope you enjoy, or you at least nod your head once. 

“False God”

Stones and twigs

then shells to beads.

These metal, plastic and paper symbols

plague my moral soul.

Arbitrary monopoly slips.

I watch the number grow

in debts, in charges, in interest.

Thus dwindles the tactile object.

Why should I believe in You?

That which so many worship–

genuflecting at Your vaulted temples,

determining worth by Your blessings.

I have nothing–in terms of You.

You do not bless me

but those who lie, steal, cheat.

Without method, You endow.

But I am not so unhappy,

despite Your lack of patronage.

I know how you evolved

into an Idea, the symbol of prosperity through quantity.

But it is quality You lack. 


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