PAD 6 — Audabe (Dawn Poem)

NaPoWriMo’s prompt for day 6 is to write about the dawn. I have definitely written such poems in the past, so this time I ended up playing more with an image. I want to revisit this image, I know it is pretty sparse at the moment, but It’s been a long day of driving and flat mid-west countryside. 


We never saw day begin.

Mist licked our waists

as we ducked through the streets.

Clouds stretched down into fog

veiling the tops of buildings–beheaded.

Concealed, we picked our way to the river.

Wet rubber gliding on cobblestone

turned our heads to and from filtered headlights.

Silent slip into the mist–

into the Clyde.

We follow the current, prodded by glacial waves into sun-lapped oceans. 


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