PAD 4 — Loveless Poem

Day four of NAPOWRIMO’s Poetry a day is to write a loveless poem. I think I wrote one of these a couple of years ago, but here’s another! It is actually pretty rough, but the goal for me is to write and to more or less show some accountability. But I won’t deny that  the prompt didn’t inspire some truth. 

“To Like, To Love”

Once you are conscious of a feeling,

you are doomed.

You are forced to sit there in your knowing.

Your organs stretch and pull, expanding with the emotion

ripping you out from the inside.

You fall apart–discomfort is now your norm.

Get used to it.

That phantom ache that isn’t quite in your bones

not quite in your muscles,

but all over.

You didn’t think you could feel that way again

But there it is.

This jerk comes along and reminds you

and it scares the shit out of you,

completely forgetting how to act.

You know that pain will follow this growing.

Like when the universe can expand no longer.

In a word, catastrophe.

Once, you thought some things were worth such pain.

Now you aren’t so sure and you are praying that he is–

That he can see the future and knows knows.

This will work, 

your body can be torn apart and all the while you will survive.


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