100 Word Story — “Doctrine”

Currently having a dilemma over what constitutes a story, and how far a statement can go in nuance, buuuut I took a stab at it anyway. (Also today, my thoughts are Latin America centric as you’ll see in my PAD 2 post as well)

“Monroe Doctrine”

This document hereby declares that further intervention with Jo for Charlie’s benefit is forbidden. Should Charlie impose himself on her for his own gain, then Carla is heretofore allowed to act on behalf of Jo’s rights for independence from imperialism and general assholery.

Addendum I: Should Jo experience a situation where other men or women attempt to gain control over her, Carla is duty bound to protect, like a big sister, and dispell any threats to Jo’s previous mentioned rights.

Addendum II: Should Carla deem that Jo is posing a threat to her own rights and attempting to break free from the protection of Carla, then Carla must also intervene. For Jo’s own good.


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