PAD 1 — Negation Poem

April is poetry month and I like doodling out little poems to get my mind working with both form and story, so I thought I would challenge myself again this year. I am taking the prompts off of the NAPOWRIMO website, and I hope y’all enjoy, or start your own challenge! Either way, everyday for the next month, should have some sort of poem on here–it makes up for the other 11 months when I don’t post. 

Today’s prompt was a negation poem, and I listen to too much Sufjan Stevens while rereading old journal entries from days gone by, so here goes!

“This is Not a Relationship”

This is not a relationship.

This is not you baring your soul

airing your hurts,

asking for my acceptance. 

This is not me doing the same.

This is not the waiting game,

where all I can do is trust you implicitly–

take all your words for Truth.

This is not “I am so alone, I can’t take it anymore”.

This isn’t crying one moment and laughing the next,

touching. Always touching.

This is not the right time.

It never is. 


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