Doctrine of Light

  • Open your eyes
  • Feel the skin on your palms, smooth tactile sensors
  • Fold them, fingers splaying out, fronds
  • Raise your eyes skyward, but mask them through lashes–keep your sight humble
  • Accept that you know nothing except the air that you breath and the light that awakens you each day by resting on your nose
  • Ask that you may one day know pure emotion
  • Ask for the strength to handle it
  • Cup your hands and sigh into them, holding the warm breath as it slips through finger cracks
  • Close your eyes
  • Fall backwards, arms stretched forward
  • Feel the drop cradle you as your own light slips through the cracks


Randomly choosing a word from the dictionary is more difficult than it may seem. Writing 100 words is just as difficult. I wanted to play with form as well this time, and I am still not 100% about the outcome. I did want to post this though, even if it isn’t the official 100 words for my week. It kind of just feels good to put words down. 


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