Updates Updates

So I have actually been on something of a writing sabbatical since December. This means I have been neglecting the remaining 80 pages worth of thesis I need to get out by the middle of August this year. However, I think I am starting to come back in to my own, so so slowly–mostly with little exercises here and there.

But I am also hoping to trick myself into generating some work soon, since April is coming up in a couple days and then May. To be more writer specific, Poetry Month and Short Story Month respectively. Granted I will be traveling to Minnesota for a week in April for AWP so writing, ironically may not be feasible, but I would like to try and generate something everyday for the next two months and maybe those will lead to more concrete work for Thesis. 

I also thought I would carry my 100 word story exercise over onto this site and post that weekly. Everything will be in early draft form or some sort of throw-away–like fancy cobwebs as I try to sort my mind out and get it geared for work again. 

I hope you, the internet people, are doing well, achieving goals or at least getting closer to them, and that you are finding, giving and feeling love everywhere you are. 

Cheers for now, 



Also, I met George Saunders a couple of weeks ago and I am still gushing over the experience. Read him. He is one to emulate in manners and in writing. 



My thoughts and feelings are all scrambled. Every time I feel like a spark of my writing creativity has returned it is jeopardized by emotions that fly and tangle in my hair. The trust I have in others for some reason, this year, are connected to my writing, to my own faith in what I have to say. Because I keep losing one, I fail at the other. Even now I do not trust that my words are coming through to the other side, even now I cannot know what is in store. 

Even now I am afraid and I do not know what for.