The Memory Jar

memory jarThis past year I decided to create a memory jar–idea from pinterest. The basic concept was to write a good memory from each day, even the bad ones I had to find some positive spin, write it down and put it in the jar. By the time Jan 1 the next year came around I should have a memory for everyday that I can reminisce over.

This is a good idea in that it forces me to think good for a second everyday. It’s bad in that while looking over memories I feel sad because they are either gone, or turned sour.

So, I’ve tried the experiment. I appreciate what it is trying to do, but I think instead of reading through each one, I’ll toss them out (I’d love to burn them because 1. fire and 2. symbolism) and open things up for new experiences, and hope for a good moment everyday. 2013 was a roller coaster, and it sort of ended in a horrific crash, but here I am, keeping on.


I have a few resolutions this year, and by resolutions, I mean goals:

1. Figure out why my entire body seems to be at war with itself and take measures to bring peace.

2. Be published in at least one journal by the end of the year.

3. Figure out where I am going to be in August.

4. Learn to love again.

5. Stay alive.



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