Day 23 of Writer’s Digest Poem a Day was a Two-for-Tuesday. I had the option to write an Anti-love poem or a love poem. Seeing as I’ve been writing a lot of what would be classified as “love-ish” poems, I ended up taking the “Anti-” and turning it into love… well, you’ll see.


I can’t be in love.
I am moving away in 4 months.
You have a son, and an ex.
Our future, so geared on
our individual goals and responsibilities,
well, how can we possibly reconcile?

You can’t be in love.
You had to become a man very quickly,
and we both are young, changing
poor, lost, sad.
We have our baggage that will haunt us
and that we will drag from town to town.

But I want to share my shadows,
and I don’t think you will mind.
And you want to cuddle,
even though I wake up every hour wanting to talk.
We can’t be in love,
But I think we need each other,
And maybe we will be in love against all odds.

Only 7 days left of the challenge!


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