Everyone, Everything, Everyday

Writer’s Digest Day 25 of Poem a Day is taking “Everyone” and adding a blank onto the end. Today, I happened to get two inspirations at once when trying to write the poem and I tried to combine them. Well, here is my attempt… Half-asleep, I’m not terribly conscious of what I just wrote, but this is how I operate. Enjoy.


A life force stronger than our society can hold.
And to be someone, to amount to something
is a personal goal whose outcome we focus too much
on the world’s perspective of us.

However, to be somebody to you,
to make you smile
to support each other when we feel weak,
that is a goal worth pursuing.

We can love everything through each other.
Being somebody by existing
In my world, you are someone,
You could be everyone.



PAD day 24 of the Writer’s Digest Poem Challenge calls for an “auto” poem.


remind me of you.
I count all of the red ones now,
and notice all of the Hemis;
their purrs making your mouth turn upwards.

the water and the stars
became our secret hideouts
sealed with blankets and tender caresses.

is not what I might call us.
Though we are,
rather, what brought us together time
and time again was bigger than your will
and stronger than mine.



Day 23 of Writer’s Digest Poem a Day was a Two-for-Tuesday. I had the option to write an Anti-love poem or a love poem. Seeing as I’ve been writing a lot of what would be classified as “love-ish” poems, I ended up taking the “Anti-” and turning it into love… well, you’ll see.


I can’t be in love.
I am moving away in 4 months.
You have a son, and an ex.
Our future, so geared on
our individual goals and responsibilities,
well, how can we possibly reconcile?

You can’t be in love.
You had to become a man very quickly,
and we both are young, changing
poor, lost, sad.
We have our baggage that will haunt us
and that we will drag from town to town.

But I want to share my shadows,
and I don’t think you will mind.
And you want to cuddle,
even though I wake up every hour wanting to talk.
We can’t be in love,
But I think we need each other,
And maybe we will be in love against all odds.

Only 7 days left of the challenge!


Day 22 of Writer’s Digest Poem a Day… pretty self explanatory:


A lot of things are complex.
When you stir in the past
the future
other people’s opinions…

Subjects can be complex.
Trigonometry, Psychology,
even English
when our words get caught up and misconstrued.

For once, what is not complex
are my feelings for you.
The way you make me smile
when my eyes have been sad for so many years.


Writer’s Digest Day 20 of Poetry A Day was to write a Beyond poem…

A lot is beyond my comprehension.
I like when I understand.
This feeling for you extends outside of my knowledge
and yet my hope for the future grows.
Despite my discomfort, in things unknown,
you are my comfort zone.

Crème Brûlée

Writer’s Digest PAD Day 19 calls for a “Burn” poem. Brûlée means burn, so I went with it..

You are a sweet

French dessert.

Vanilla-y and soft on the inside.

Your outsides have been burned

by an expert pyro-technician.

She has left you hard and dark

but I see the warm saccharine below

I cracked you, gently, with care,

and now reap the benefits.

“I am” part 1 and 2

So I feel behind, but I made up for it today. PAD day 18 was to write an “I Am” poem.. so I ended up writing two. Of course, both are rough, but writing is the goal here… fine tuning comes later. 


“I am the Teacher”

Without the lesson plans;
learning from the students, 
who seem to know more than I,
but without the structure
we all fall. 


“I am the Elephant”

wise, sturdy and majestic
with emotional memory that stretches infinity.
I am fragile in that my love is strong.
So love me in return.
Protect me, give me sustenance.