the Gemini gets a really bad rap for being flippant, even bi-polar. But for all of my see-sawing, when I make a decision, I damn well stick to it (even if it takes me months to work on an application due next week.) If the cosmos are not for it, that’s when I turn flexible and adapt. To me, it’s everyone else who is really doing the back and forth.


Have I really and truly not visited in a month? You’ll have to forgive me, applications are starting to be due in less than a month now and I have been perfecting my anxiety and procrastination skills. They go hand in hand.

Also, I’m writing essays, and I am afraid they are going to suck and I am divided because I really try not to focus on the readership when I write, however, this readership decides whether I am going to grad school or not…

It’s a rock and a hard place. Don’t worry, I’m not really holding back, I am writing what I want, and they will have to simply accept, or not accept, what is given to them.

So there’s that.