Seeing signs

I believe in signs from the universe, but I have never been particularly good at interpreting them. I know that if I read a passage and it really spoke to me, when I have had the book for 10 years and only just picked it up, I was meant to read that passage just then. If I think about a place, but have no idea where it is, and then suddenly, there it stands on the road before me, I was meant to go there just then.

It’s when the bad stuff happens that I start to have trouble understanding. For example, when I decide to visit my friend, 3 hours away, why the universe insisted that I blow out not one, but two tires, and then have to spend 500 dollars to get all of my tires replaced. Had my car simply broken down, that would be a sign that I should not have left home, or perhaps I should have stopped in Columbia to see someone on my way, who knows… But I was not so limited,  I still made it to my destination, I just got the added dose of being pretty damn depressed about it all.

Are the actions I commit so outrageous and horrible? When I see so so many other people doing things 10 times worse than me? A simple, “don’t do that,” from the universe and I would probably stop, but why does everything/everyone else have to suffer from what I do? Maybe they aren’t suffering, per se, though my car definitely seems to be. But people are starting to get worried. I’m worried myself.

Obviously, asking for understanding is asking too much, but I simply cannot comprehend it.


One thought on “Seeing signs

  1. Wondering if the trip up, and be seeking the signs. Sometimes, things just occur. Perhaps the time spent, kept you from dying or causing a death along your way? Perhaps the new tires kept you safe(r)?
    Human’s capacity to go so far as to comprehend that ripples emanate from us, however, we can think that we are the center of that ripple and the ONLY center of that ripple. Is this true that we can think it? True that we have missed it? Is my daily dying a consequence?

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