Statement of Intent

Statement of Intents are so difficult. I assume everyone struggles with them, but it’s possible that some people out there are just so good at saying everything just the right way that no one would dare contradict them.

I begin each blog with a statement of intent, but it doesn’t make anything easier. I still have a horrible fear of coming off as insincere or contrived. Thus, maybe, you can see my current stress over writing just one draft of many to come of a statement of intent for Graduate school. I have spoken with two professors, from two different schools. They both say very similar things. I am adhering to their advice as best as I can, but I still wonder how much editing and re-editing and deep breaths are going to get me through this.

And what if it is still complete and utter crap? Don’t get me started on my portfolio… I haven’t even really, truly, begun on that.

So that is my current plague. I needed to toss that in. I will have at least one little creative piece by the end of this week. As a promise to myself, and perhaps to you, since my wordpress stats are looking a little sad.


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