It’s done

I took the GRE last Saturday, and I am forever done with it. Words cannot express the relief that I have from that, however, after 3 months of studying I am almost unsure of what to do with my time.

The next day after the test however, I hopped a plane to Washington D.C. This is probably the most planned-unplanned trip I ever took, and certainly the first one that I have done in the states completely and totally by myself. Though I met up with a friend once I arrived. I could do a travel blog thing where I tell you what to do and where, however, I wouldn’t be able to tell you much.

Because it is the peak of the tourist season, if I went outside in tourist-heavy areas I found myself generally annoyed and longing to run away from the crowd. Thus I spent a lot of time on the subway, at my friend’s hotel and bookstores. Oh well, it wasn’t an educational trip, so sue me.

However, it was good to get away. As depressed as I got at some points, I still felt that wherever I went, or whatever I did while I was there, was wholly my decision. And the imminent return home was the real dread that I felt.

But I am home, slightly refreshed, but really just very tired, and I have set down a list with actual dates to get things done. It lasts through the end of July, and I am sure I shall add onto it, however, this is a pretty good deal for me, so I hope it works out.

At any rate, normal posting will commence within the next few days. I still have a couple of sleeping drafts, and I also have to start working on my portfolio, so the creativity is going to need to be stirred up with this piping hot weather that is going around.

Until then, I hope this finds you well.


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