How many times have I “8 1/2″ed in my life?

I want to post something. But alas, I know not what.

  • I could go on a tangent about weddings. But that must be saved for an “awake day.”
  • I am taking the GRE in less than a week (after 3 months of waiting) and I’m maybe slightly prepared for it.
  • I have gone on a week long stint of not talking to my best friends, and yet it hasn’t been terribly depressing for me.
  • I ran away to Jacksonville for a couple days (where all of this kind of comes together.)
  • I am hoping to run away again as soon as I take the GRE (and that trip will be even more secretive. so shhh.)
  • Oh, and I cut all my hair off… sorta (this is as outrageous as I can get.)

I also want to ruminate on my age in a quirky 5-lined post, but who knows what I am doing right now.

And that is what a worthless post is like!

We’re all pretty familiar with them by now.


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