The Introductory post

There is one in every blog.

The statement of intent, so here is mine:

As a human being living in the 21st century in a “rich” society, my mind is scattered all across the internet. You can find traces of it on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, even old dinosaurs have my print like Livejournal and Myspace. And these aren’t going away any time soon, despite attempts to reduce my footprint.

I am an adult now, or so they tell me, and careers are some socially supported idea that I am supposed to get on board with. My dream “career” if you must call it that, is simply to write, and be read, and to be perhaps valued for the words I spew. Hell, if they just listen, take it to heart, and make something better of the world for it, I don’t care if I am ever noticed by name then.

And so the ulterior motive of the blog comes to light. I am tired of being scattered, I would like to, just, say whatever I have to say, in whatever form I have to say it, and just let it all be in one place. Let it be that little black book that you must hide from the world, while you hide it in plain sight. I was graced with some opinions, and perhaps an excess amount of sympathy and that frustrated sense of helplessness. So I have to do something with my hands. While wordpress will serve that purpose, I am hoping that perhaps it shall work simultaneously as a working portfolio of my writing. Grad schools require silly things like that sometimes.

This may end up a failed project, like all of the other ones I promised I would keep up. Purpose statements are not always carried out as they should after all. But, I may possibly go insane, having no one to really to communicate this to (at least within a reasonable physical distance) so write here, in this little corner of the internet, I shall.

Stay reader, or move on to bigger and better things, but know that for an instant, we knew each other.




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